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Livewell Pumps & Systems
For the serious fisherman
Rule's unsurpassed quality and leadership in bilge pump design and technology
includes a complete 02 px">range of Livewell/Aerator pumps, accessories and kits.
1. 401C
Designed to supply the volume of water required to keep bait and catch alive
and healthy, all pumps feature Rule's incredibly long life motors for outstanding
reliability, performance, and durability. They are silent running and vibrationless
and are a must on any serious fisherman's boat. All pumps feature advanced
anti-airlock protection.
Tournament Series
The new innovative design
includes many new and exciting
2. 403STC
features including a quick, one
hand "push button" motor
cartridge removal system, patented rotatable
base that allows you to position the discharge
nozzle at any location, threaded nylon hose barb
attachments which allows for various hose
02 px">mounting options and built-in dual port option.
360 rotatable inlet
Tournament-Series 500
Livewell Pump
Replacement Motor
Our reliable, efficient 1925 lph (500 US gph)
output baitwell/livewell pump will handle tanks up
to 95 Litres (24.5 US Gallons). 19mm (3/4")
The innovative line of cartridge pumps feature
discharge outlet.
removable motor cartridges for fast and
convenient replacement - even underway.
Thru-Hull Applications 100mm (4")
Angled Pickup Tube.
500 Replacement Motor Cartridge.
401STC Thru-Hull Applications 121mm (43/4")
800 Replacement Motor Cartridge.
Straight Pickup Tube.
1100 Replacement Motor Cartridge.
401FC  Seacock Application 25mm (1")
(tapered thread) Pickup Tube.
3. 405FC
Tournament-Series 800
Oxygenator Kit
Livewell Pump
Designed with the patented infusor technology
Our best selling 3028 lph (800 US gph) output
and a 02 px">Gentle-Flow directional discharge, the Rule
livewell/baitwell pumps are designed for any
02 px">Gentle-Flow Oxygenator introduces air into the
serious fisherman's boat. Designed for tanks up to
base of the livewell pump through the air control
132 Litres (34 US Gallons), these high capacity
center producing millions of micro-fine bubbles.
pumps will keep the bait and fish alive and
Because the bubbles are so small, they remain
healthy. 19mm (3/4") discharge outlet
suspended in the water longer providing more
aeration to your delicate bait and catch. Kits come
Thru-Hull Applications 100mm (4")
complete with a directional discharge, intake
Angled Pickup tube.
strainer, hose and intake valve.
403STC Thru-Hull Applications 121mm (43/4")
Straight Pickup tube.
700 Pump - up to 11kg (25 lbs) of bait.
403FC  Seacock Application 25mm (1")
1100 Pump - up to 22kg (50 lbs) of bait.
(tapered thread) Pickup tube.
Tournament-Series 1100
Livewell Pump
Always select a pump that will deliver enough
water to replace livewell water every 10
Our highest capacity 4250 lph (1100 US gph)
minutes. Bigger is not better - too much pump
output Tournament Series baitwell/livewell pump is
capacity could lead to air locks. Mount the
designed for tanks up to 170 Litres
pump as low and close to the hull as possible.
(44 US Gallons). Ideal for tournament fishing that
requires high water flow for keeping bait and
catch alive and healthy. 29mm (11/8"") discharge
Thru-Hull Applications 100mm (4")
Angled Pickup tube.
405STC Thru-Hull Applications 121mm (43/4")
Straight Pickup tube.
405FC  Seacock Application 25mm (1")
(tapered thread) Pickup tube.
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