RM330K - Epoxy Sealer, 2 lb.

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Gluvit Epoxy Waterproof Sealer

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One magic coat, 10 mils thick…finds…fills…and seals hidden leaks, cracks, annoying drips and weeps…without use of fiberglass, canvas or linoleum's. Gluvit repairs gelcoat blisters, hairline cracks, "boat pox" and combats osmosis on fiberglass hulls. One coat withstands over 4,000 pounds water pressure per square foot. Easy to apply…neutral in color. Can be pigmented, with epoxy ground pigments. Gluvit is a sealer; not a top coat, therefore must be painted after curing. Gluvit cannot be used in place of varnish. Each container includes hardening agent and complete instructions.

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