CH2700P - Control, Side Mount Box w/ Trim

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Control Box

Universal Outboard Side Mount Control

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This economical single lever, dual action control features universal styling, positive shift detents and easy installation. It's an excellent replacement for both outboard and sterndrive controls using universal (3300/33 type) cables. Available with or without trim controls in handle.

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Outboard Side Mount Control. This economical single lever, dual function control features positive shift detents, an optional engine trim switch in the handle and easy installation. (Mounts to gunwale surface — no hole cutout required.) It’s an excellent replacement for both outboard and stern drive controls using universal (3300/33C type) cables ONLY.

Dual-function control — each lever controls throttle AND shift. Virtually all single-station outboards and stern drives with mechanical transmissions. Single lever, dual action design controls throttle and shift with one lever. Utilizes 3300/33C type “universal” engine control cables only. NOT suitable for use with Mercury® and OMC® OEM type control cables.


• Single lever, dual action for throttle & shift.
• Surface mount design for quick, tidy installation.
• Includes neutral warm up capability.
• Includes hardware for two 3300/33 control cables.
• Positive shift detents and neutral lock- out.
• Optional engine trim switch in handle. (CH2700P Only)
• Optional neutral safety switch.
• Weather resistant exterior, rugged die cast frame.
• Meets/exceeds all applicable industry standards.

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