18-ADA504 - STATS Yamaha Neoprene Carry

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Sierra Shields Hose


Stats Hand-held Engine Diagnostic Tool

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Sierra Touch And Test System (STATS™) hand-held engine diagnostic tool for outboard, sterndrive, inboard and PWC engines. Now a marine technician can plug into a marine engine's Electronic Control Module (ECM) and diagnose engine problems without needing a laptop or PC. Techs will save time and dealers will save money moving directly to the job, instead of having to maneuver a boat trailer or motor on a stand to the computer bay, or roll around an ungainly computer chart. Techs can even perform engine diagnostics on boats while they're still in the water. Unlike proprietary systems, the STATS console can be programmed to work with most major marine engine and outboard brands. When dealers order their console, they specify which engine software/cable module(s) they want. Bundled software packages are also available. The lightweight console can be comfortable held in either hand, and the technician can navigate on-screen using clearly marked touch screen/function keys. Fault codes, live system tests and other service data are clearly readable on STATS' 3-inch monochrome screen, even in bright daylight. The STATS tool is rugged, shock-resistant and splash proof. It runs on 12V DC power (either from the engine power lead or using a power cable with battery clips) or 110V AC using the included AC adapter. Every STATS Kit includes the console, USB cable, power cables and rugged Neoprene carrying case.

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