040035 - Cover Support Pole Tip

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Star Brite

Extend-a-brush Accessories

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Four additional accessories that make the Extend-A-Brush line even more useful. ADJUSTABLE KNUCKLE - For use with all Extend-A-Brush handles to obtain angle offset adjustment of scrubber pads. Aids in cleaning of hard to reach areas. Has swivel function which allows scrubber pad to follow curved surfaces. Molded of glass reinforced nylon for durability. BOAT HOOK HEAD - made of unbreakable glass reinforced nylon for durability. Non slip tip for pushing off. SCREW THREAD ADAPTER - allows use of screw thread accessories with Extend-A-Brush handle. BOAT COVER SUPPORT POLE TIP - attaches to Extend-A-Brush handles to make an adjustable support for boat covers. Eliminates need for stand alone support cover pole.

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