ST1290-80 DB - 18'-22', 150-240hp & 18'-22', 8 Cylinder I/O, 12 Inch X9 Inch

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ST1290-80 DB


Nauticus Smart Tabs

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With no hydraulics and no electrical switches Smart Tabs are a one of a kind solution for performance problems. The trim plates are held down at slow speeds to maximize lift and reduce bow rise, then rotate up during acceleration. Smart Tabs significantly improve acceleration, reduce minimum planing speeds and slow speed bow rise in no wake zones. At cruising speeds the trim plates continuously adjust to the water pressure acting like shock absorbers to improve stability, eliminate porposing and chine walk at high speed, and improve fuel economy at any operating speed. Installation of these automatic trim tabs can be completed in one hour. Features all stainless steel components, self contained nitrogen gas actuators sealed with EDPM rubber boot, complete installation instructions, and owners manual. 5 year metal component, 2 year actuator warranty.

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