WAS100 - Concentrated Boat Wash, Qt.

WAS100 - Concentrated Boat Wash, Qt.

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Jjv's Best Concentrated Boat Wash

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This revolutionary new product is designed to remove layer upon layer of the filmy white oxidation that builds up on your boat. This will instantly return luster and shine to your sun faded fiberglass boat, making it easier than ever to buff and wax your boat back to its original mirror shine. JJV's Best Boat Wash is a non-toxic, non-abrasive, Green product that effectively removes accumulated dirt and oxidation that builds up on the exterior and interior of your boat. You simply mix and spray it on, and it goes to work, it's micro action literally causes the caked on filth to slide off the surface. Then, you simply rinse it out with your garden hose. Acid free, environmentally friendly.