55-0135 - Tilt & Trim, Electric

55-0135 - Tilt & Trim, Electric

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Marinetech Products

Panther Model 135 Trim & Tilt

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For larger motors, power trim and tilt is now an affordable luxury available to everyone. This heavy-duty model is designed for most outboards up to 135 horsepower, making it ideal for everything from larger runabouts to offshore boats. The actuator drive system on this model provides the power for effectively trimming and lifting longer and heavier motors where performance is a must. Panther Model 135 will accommodate either clamp-on or bolt-on outboards with standard BIA bolt hole patterns. Typical applications for this model include boats from 16 to 24 foot in length, as well as larger pontoons, with motors from 60 to 135 horsepower. Each unit comes complete with a push button control and easy to follow instruction to make installation a snap. Delivers 5° tuck and 60° tilt.

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Make your day on the water just a bit more enjoyable with out straining your muscles trying to raise and lower an outboard motor that is not equipped with trim and tilt. A simple convenience with major results. The model 135 is the perfect option for older outboard motors with bad hydraulic trim and tilts, when repair costs are prohibitively expensive. 

The heavy duty bracket is designed for outboards up to 135hp or 350 pounds and it maximizes lifting power (even greater than the outboards tilt range), and it also allows for increased tuck-under to get heavy boats on plane quickly. Adapts to clamp on or bolt-through outboards.