MPH-PSA-109 - PowerStream Aerator, Standard 8-7/8 Inch , Barbed

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Aerator Pumps

Powerstream Aerator

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The PowerStream Aerator features a venturi air intake at the top of the discharge head to maximize the oxygen entering the livewell water. The longer mixing tube directs this mixture directly to the depths of the livewell and is then discharged horizontally well below the water line through the discharge nozzle at the bottom of the tube. The discharge nozzle is adjustable and can be rotated 360°. Since the thru-hull fitting and venturi intake are mounted above the livewell water line, it can be used with either a transom mounted fill pump or a livewell mounted recirculation pump without worry of water being siphoned out when the pump is off. It includes a special elbow thru-hull fitting.

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