MPV-02-RN01 - Auto Control Valve, Empty/Auto, Rear, Barbed

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Aerator Pumps

V2 2-position Automatic Valve

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The V2 is our reversible check valve that allows a single pump to not only perform the basic livewell functions necessary to keep your catch alive, but does it in a passive or automatic manner. By mounting the pump to the valve body, the operator only has to decide whether he wants his livewell functioning or empty. When the first fish is caught, place the valve in the "AUTO" position and turn on the pump. When the boat is off plane the pump will recirculate and aerate the livewell water and simultaneously blend in a portion of fresh lake water. Used livewell water is expelled out the overflow as fresh water enters to prevent any ammonia build up. When the boat is on plane, the valve's check flapper will prevent water loss out the drain, and allow the pump to continue its recirculation duties. To empty, simply turn off the pump and move the valve to the "EMPTY" position for gravity draining. The V2 valve has two cable approach options. The cable can approach the valve from either the front/livewell or the rear/transom side of the boat. Rear barbed ideal for Ranger boats.

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