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Dutton-lainson Two Speed Pulling Winches

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D-L pulling winches are best suited for boat trailer and other horizontal pulling applications which require the freewheeling feature of ratchet type winches. D-L two speed pulling winches are available in models from 1600 lb to 3,500 lb capacity. A patented reversible ratchet to allow cranking cable or strap onto the drum in either direction. D-L's two speed models have a drive shaft system which allows for both high and low speed cranking from one side. D-L pulling winches feature laminated, high carbon steel gears for longer life. Rigid, welded reel construction for added strength. Freewheel when the ratchet is disengaged. Load matched gear ratios for easier cranking. All drive shafts have permanently lubricated bearings. A hand brake to help control freewheel mode is standard equipment on the DL3500B.

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