D-1019 - Fmj Synthetic Sealant, 16 oz.

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Ducky Fmj Synthetic Sealant

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FMJ Synthetic Sealant engineered exclusively for the aerospace industry by our newly aligned team of chemists is now available for Marine/RV use. Developed to provide the highest level of protection from harshest environmental elements while leaving a slick high gloss impenetrable finish. FMJ is not a wax, Teflon or polish it is an organically modified Sealant bonded with acrylic crystalline at a nano-tech scale allowing it to bond with substrate molecularly delivering a high gloss shield with superior results never before achieved from regular chemical formulations. FMJ will not crack, peel, discolor or fade. FMJ gives you the highest level of protection and is great for use on Gel Coat, Fiberglass, clear coat, chrome, polished aluminum, carbon fiber, alloy metals, glass and other substrates. FMJ should only be used on cleaned and polished surfaces.