17415 - N:205015, S:1.750, B:2.561, W:.250

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CR Industries

Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease Seals

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Replacement grease seals for most trailer applications. The finest materials used in all seals listed. Individually boxed. Prices are each. *CRI-14977 Seal is for the 1-1/4"-3/4" Shoreland'r, CRI-17413 Seal is for the 1-3/8'-1-1/16" ShoreLand'r™. Both are spring loaded. They are the same seals as furnished by ShoreLand'r™. Note also, that where seals are listed apparently twice in a row, they are actually not the same but have different types of lips or spring loading. N = National lb. S = Shaft B = Bore W = Width

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