Yamaha Outboard Water Pump Kits (4-Stroke Models)

Water Pump Kits (4-Stroke Models)

Buy a water pump to keep your 4-stroke Yamaha engine internals cool by circulating water through channels in each of the engine's components. As water pumps are constantly running when the motor is running, it is common for these particular parts to wear out due to normal wear and tear.
4-Stroke Model Water Pump Kit
F2.5 69M-WG078-00-00
F4, F6 (09/2009~ ) 6BX-WG078-00-00
F4 (~06/2008) 68D-WG078-00-00
F6 , F8 (~06/2008) 68T-W0078-00-00
T8, T9.9 (04/2007~) 69G-W0078-00-00
F9.9, T9.9, FT9.9 (~96) 682-W0078-A1-00
F9.9, T9.9, FT9.9 (~96), F9.9, T9.9 (04~04/2005), FT9.9 (04~04/2005) 682-W0078-A3-00
F9.9-2, T9.9-2, F15 63V-W0078-01-00
F15C, F20 6AH-W0078-00-00
F25 61N-W0078-11-00
T25, F30, F40 (00~2009) 66T-W0078-00-00
F40 (99), F50 (97~), F60 (02~) 63D-W0078-01-00
F40 (2010~) 6BG-W0078-00-00
F50, T50 (96) 6H3-W0078-A0-00
T50, T60 (97~) 6H3-W0078-02-00
F70 6CJ-W0078-00-00
F75, F80, F90, F100 67F-W0078-00-00
F115 (00~01) 6N6-W0078-02-00
F115 (02~ ) 68V-W0078-00-00
F150, F200, F225 61A-W0078-A3-00
F250, F250B 6P2-W0078-00-00
VF200, VF225, VF250 6CB-W0078-00-00
F225, F250, F300 (4.2L) 6CE-W0078-00-00
F300, F350 (V8) 6AW-W0078-00-00

Need other parts?

Do you need parts not listed in these application guides? See our Yamaha engine diagrams. Please see our model number reference guide if you aren't sure about the year or model of your outboard engine.