Yamaha Outboard Trim Tabs (4-Stroke Models)

Trim Tabs (4-Stroke Models)

Buy trim tab anodes for your 4-stroke Yamaha outboard to help protect the gear case from corrosion. As trim tab anodes corrode and begin to disappear their ability to assist in steering becomes degraded. A properly sized and adjusted fin trim tab will keep your motor tracking straight.
4-Stroke Model Trim Tab
F9.9G, F15 66M-45371-00-00
F15C, F20 6AH-45371-00-4D
F25 (98~) 61N-45371-00-00
T25, F30, F40 (00~) 67C-45371-00-00
F40, F50 (95~00) 664-45371-01-00
F50, F60 (01~) 67C-45371-00-00
T50 (96~00) 67F-45371-00-00
T50 (96~97) 664-45371-01-00
T50, T60 (01~) 67F-45371-00-00
F70, F75, F80, F90, F100 67F-45371-00-00
F115 6E5-45371-01-00
F150 6J9-45371-01-00
F200, F225, F225 Sport, F250, F250B 61A-45371-00-00
VF200, VF225, VF250 6AW-45619-00-00
F225, F250, F300 (4.2L) 61A-45371-00-00
F300, F350 (V8) 6AW-45619-00-00
LF115 6L6-45371-00-00
LF150 6K1-45371-00-00
Sterndrives 6T5-45371-00-00

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Do you need parts not listed in these application guides? See our Yamaha engine diagrams. Please see our model number reference guide if you aren't sure about the year or model of your outboard engine.