Yamaha Outboard Timing Belts (4-Stroke Models)

Timing Belts (4-Stroke Models)

The timing settings on a Yamaha outboard motor control the boat's power and acceleration and are an important part of your boat's health. Inspect the timing belt for any cracking, glazing or lines and replace if necessary.
4-Stroke Model Timing Belt
F6 (05~06/2008) 60R-G6241-00-00
F6, F8, T8 (01~04) 68T-46241-00-00
F8, T8 (05~) 60R-G6241-00-00
F9.9, FT9.9 (85~04/2005) 6G8-46241-00-00
T9.9 (91~04/2005) 6G8-46241-00-00
F9.9-2, T9.9-2 (05~04/2006) 66M-46241-00-00
F9.9F, T9.9F (04/2007~) 68T-46241-00-00
F15 (98~04/2005) 66M-46241-00-00
F15C, F20 6AH-46241-00-00
F25, T25 (98~04/2006) 65W-46241-00-00
F25, T25 (04/2009~) 6C5-46241-00-00
F30 65W-46241-00-00
F40 (99) 62Y-46241-00-00
F40 (00~04/2008) 65W-46241-00-00
F40LA 6C5-46241-00-00
F50,T60 (96~04) 62Y-46241-00-00
F60, T60 (02~04) 62Y-46241-00-00
F50, T50, F60, T60, F70 (05~) 6C5-46241-00-00
F75, F90 67F-46241-00-00
F80, F100 67F-46241-00-00
F115 67F-46241-00-00
New F115 6EK-W4624-00-00
F150 63P-46241-00-00
F200, F225 69J-46241-00-00
VF200, VF225, VF250 (4.2L) 6CB-W4624-00-00
F225, F250, F300 (4.2L) 6CB-W4624-00-00
F225 Sport, F250, F250B 6P2-46241-00-00
F300, F350 (V8) 6AW-W4624-00-00
2.6L HPDI (04~) 68F-46241-10-00
2.6L HPDI (~03) 68F-46241-00-00
3.3L HPDI 60V-46241-00-00

Need other parts?

Do you need parts not listed in these application guides? See our Yamaha engine diagrams. Please see our model number reference guide if you aren't sure about the year or model of your outboard engine.