Yamaha Outboard Thermostats (2-Stroke Models)

Thermostats (2-Stroke Models)

If an outboard is operated without a thermostat properly installed, it will suffer from poor performance. Buy a thermostat and a gasket to help your 2-stroke Yamaha outboard operate at the proper engine temperature and avoid excessive carbon buildup.
2-Stroke Model Thermostat
3, 4, 5, 6, 8 6E5-12411-02-00
9.9, 15 (~95) 6F5-12411-03-00
9.9, 15 (96~) 6E5-12411-30-00
20, 40, 50, C50, P50 6E5-12411-30-00
25 Three Cylinder 688-12411-11-00
25 Two Cylinder 6E5-12411-30-00
C25 6F5-12411-03-00
30 (~91) 6E5-12411-30-00
30 (92~) 688-12411-11-00
C30 (~92) 6F5-12411-03-00
C30 (93~) 6E5-12411-02-00
40, 50 6E5-12411-30-00
C40, C55 (~97) 6F5-12411-03-00
C40 (98~) 6E5-12411-30-00
60, C60, E60, P60, 70, C70 6H3-12411-11-00
C75, P75, E75, C80, C85, 90, C90 688-12411-11-00
115,130, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250 6E5-12411-30-00
B115, C115, C150, D150, DX150 6E5-12411-30-00
P115, P150, PX150, P200 6E5-12411-30-00
S115, S130, SX150, SX200 6E5-12411-30-00
S225, SX225, S250, SX250 6E5-12411-30-00
V150, VX150, V200, VX200 6E5-12411-30-00
VX225, VX250 6E5-12411-30-00
VZ150, VZ175, VZ200 (2.6L) 6E5-12411-30-00
Z150, Z175, Z200 (2.6L) 6E5-12411-30-00
VZ200, VZ225, VZ250, VZ300 (3.3L) 60V-12411-00-00
Z250, Z300 (3.3L) 60V-12411-00-00

Need other parts?

Do you need parts not listed in these application guides? See our Yamaha engine diagrams. Please see our model number reference guide if you aren't sure about the year or model of your outboard engine.