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SeaStar Power Assist Steering (Cont.)

STEERING - Outboard (Hydraulic)
The SeaStar Power Assist unit can be installed on new SeaStar steering installations or
as an easy retro-fit to existing systems.
Suitable for most boat types, the SeaStar Power Assist uses an electronically controlled
hydraulic pump to provide on-demand power steering. It is installed into the hydraulic
steering circuit between the helm and steering cylinder. The Power Assist unit is
powered from the boat’s battery and adjusts automatically to the input voltage (12V
or 24V).
The SeaStar Power Assist can be used on boats with multiple engines and rudders,
multiple steering stations and autopilots.
If power to the unit is interrupted for any reason, the steering system
will automatically return to manual operation without any change
to the number of lock-to-lock turns. In this case, the steering will of
course be heavier than with the Power Assist activated.