Technical Reference / FAQs (Cont.)

I want to add a station to my boat. What do I need to do?
First determine the type of control system on your boat now. That will help you identify the options
available to you.
Measure the distance between stations and approximately how you would route the cables from one
station to another.
This will give you a starting point as to which components you may need and how long any cables might be.
Generally speaking, if the run between stations is relatively short and uncomplicated, mechanical controls
will do.
(Please see previous FAQ for information about which kind of control is recommended and general
installation parameters).
If the run between stations is long or complex, or there are more than two stations on the boat,
mechanical controls are not recommended.
Use an electronic control system instead.
(Please see previous FAQ for options.)
When adding a station, a substantial amount of components will be required no matter which types of
systems are selected.
If the boat has mechanical steering and controls, this is a good time to consider upgrading to SeaStar
hydraulic steering and the SeaStar Solutions electronic controls.
We do not make available internal repair parts
for any of our control components.
Proper field repair of these components is not possible.
The only service parts offered are those listed
in this catalog on the page with each control.
Generally speaking, these are cable attachment hardware kits, neutral safety switches, handle
knobs and other optional accessories.
For some control models, we do offer additional service parts.
If the repairs your control needs cannot be made, please replace it for safety reasons.
SeaStar Solutions offers the most comprehensive line of marine controls available — it is likely we have one
that is a drop-in replacement (or very close to one).
An overview of our controls line and specifics on each model are shown earlier in this section.
I have a Teleflex® (SeaStar Solutions) control from 1989 and I need internal parts.
Are any available?