SeaStar Jackplates (Cont.)

4” Setback
6” Setback
8” Setback
10” Setback
12” Setback
* NOTE: Power Pole® and Talon® anchor systems can be easily mounted on 6, 8, 10, and 12 inch jackplates. 6 inch jackplates
require adapter kits DK4500S and DK4500P.
** Cannot mount Power Pole® or Talon® anchoring systems similar to other jackplates on the market.
• Sleek, bold styling – redefning the look For jackplates.
• Presenting a Full range of plates in 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 inch setbacks.
• Aesthetically matched to SeaStar steering cylinders.
• New high speed hydraulic actuator. Bottom to top in under 8.5 seconds.
• High output integrated actuator to liFt and lower engines in all conditions.
• Rated For 300hp engines up to 625 pounds dry weight.
• Environmentally sealed, non-contact SmartStick position sensor kit available For precise height inFormation.
• Complete rigid engine support at Full thrust.
• Easily moves engine at Full thrust.
• Designed to maximize engine tilt with SeaStar steering cylinders.
• High visibility liFt scale For quick glance operation.
• Integrated circuit breaker gives electrical protection right at the battery post.
• All hydraulic jackplates come with basic rocker switch DK4020.