Warranty (Cont.)

Warranty Process
1. Contact CDI Electronics Technical Services Department at 1-866-423-4832. They will go through the troubleshooting steps with you
to help determine if our part is defective.
2. Go to www.cdielectronics.com/support and download the Trouble Shooting Form and RMA Request.
3. Once complete, you will then receive an RMA #, at which point you should complete the forms and send them with the part and the
original receipt showing the date of purchase to CDI Electronics at the address listed below. Please send the part postage prepaid
via a carrier that can track the package.
CDI Electronics
353 James Record Road
Huntsville, AL 35824
Once CDI Electronics receives the part, we will test the part to determine if it is a defect in the product. If, at the sole discretion of CDI
Electronics, it is determined to be a manufacturer defect, CDI Electronics will repair the part or send a new part to replace it.
CDI Electronics will not provide any warranty coverage unless claims are made in compliance with all terms listed here, and proper return
procedures are followed.
Ignition System Complexity
The entire ignition system on a marine engine is the most complex set of interrelated components on the engine due to the com-
bination of variables that exist among and between the battery, stator, trigger, coils, wiring harness and spark plug - any defective
combination of which may cause a particular part to fail. In addition, most marine technicians are not required to diagnose ignition
issues on a daily basis and may not be intimately familiar with all the various system designs which vary by engine manufacturer.
For this reason, CDI’s data shows that almost 75% of so called “out of box failures” occur due to a malfunction in another compo-
nent within the ignition system. To address this problem, CDI Electronics provides technical troubleshooting guides for most ma-
rine engine issues. In addition we have a technical services team that is always available to assist you in diagnosing the problem.
CDI Electronics’ Commitment to Continuous Improvement
CDI Electronics is committed to building the best marine ignition systems available. This commitment requires us to quickly find
and fix problems that may arise with our products so you can provide your customers with efficient, reliable service. To this end,
if you are experiencing a problem please contact our Technical Services Team immediately at 1-866-423-4832 for assistance.
These communications will allow us to help you quickly and effectively – so your customer’s boat doesn’t stay in the shop any lon-
ger than required. Technical Services will assist you with troubleshooting the ignition system to determine if CDI Electronics’ part
failed by itself, or if another component of the ignition system is causing the CDI part to fail. This process helps to avoid the “re-
petitive failure loop” of reordering a part that continues to fail due to a failure mode caused by another part in the ignition system.
Our warranty policy is ideal for the marine technicians who truly desire to
quickly and efficiently get their customer back on the water.
TECH SUPPORT: 1.866.423.4832 CALL TO ORDER: 1.800.209.9624