SeaStar/BayStar Hydraulic Steering

SEASTAR and BAYSTAR Hydraulic Steering Systems
The BayStar Hydraulic Steering System is designed to add safety,
reliability and comfort to single outboard powered boats to a maximum
150HP. The SeaStar Hydraulic Steering System is designed to provide
that extra margin of muscle when needed. The SeaStar system
conveniently handles Outboards, Sterndrive and Inboard boats.
System selection, installation and service is substantially simplified with
just four major components helm, cylinder, hose/tube and genuine
SeaStar steering fluid. SeaStar has a comprehensive range of cylinders
to handle the variety of Outboard, Sterndrive and Inboard steering
applications. These are suitable for both pleasure and commercial
applications. Extra steering stations and/or autopilots are easily added.
SeaStar hydraulic steering is a total commitment to quality,
performance and simplicity.
BayStar & SeaStar, the hydraulic steering systems that are;
Easy to install…
Only four essential components; helm, cylinder, tube/hose
and SeaStar steering fluid
Compact and attractive helm design
Variety of helm mounting configurations
Simple tube/hose fitting connections
Clear, complete installation instructions
Easy to fill and purge…
Engineered bleed fittings on the cylinders
A helm and lock valve design that enhances air removal
A no-mess filler device
A filling and purging time of normally less than 30 minutes
Easy to check for proper installation
Easy purging check via filler device
No searching for difficult-to-find air leaks
Easy to turn…
Anti-friction piston points
Designed to provide many years of service…
Precision built
No corrosive materials exposed to marine environment
Field replaceable helm and cylinder shaft seals
A no-hassle warranty 2 years for pleasure use
1 year for commercial use (SeaStar)
BayStar and SeaStar...
SeaStar/BayStar Hydraulic Steering
the best!