SeaStar Hydraulic Steering: How it Works

Selection Guide
The System: How it works
The system is a two-line system. This makes operation very simple.
1) The steering wheel, which is attached to the helm pump, is
rotated in the desired direction (ie: a turn to starboard or
clockwise rotation).
2) Oil is pumped out the corresponding port from the rear of the
helm into the starboard line and then into the cylinder.
3) This causes the cylinder rod, which is attached to the vessels
rudder or drive unit, to move (ie: rod moves to port) thus
causing the vessel to alter course.
4) Oil displaced from the opposite end (ie: the port end) of the
cylinder flows (ie: into the port line) back to the helm pump.
5) For steering in the opposite direction, simply turn the helm the
other way.
6) When no course corrections are required, the integral No-Feed-
Back design holds the rudder or drive unit stationary.