SeaStar Hydraulic Steering

SEASTAR and BAYSTAR Hydraulic Steering Systems
Our manual hydraulic steering systems are simple and efficient. The
basic system consists of four main components;
1) the helm pump, 2) the cylinder, 3) the hose or tubing required to
connect the cylinder to the helm pump, and 4) genuine SeaStar
Steering Fluid.
These basic components are necessary in all applications.
However, as the system variables increase (i.e.: multiple
engines, rudders,
steering stations, power assist and
autopilots), additional components
may be required.
SeaStar Hydraulic Steering
1. The Helm Unit
The helm pump is an axial piston pump specifically designed for manual
steering. It has a built-in lock valve to prevent the steering load from
feeding back to the driver. The lock valve will not allow the rudder or
drive unit to move until you move it with the steering wheel. The lock
valve section of the helm also includes a relief valve. This relief valve
provides over-pressure protection for mechanical components and
hydraulic hoses and fittings.
2. The Cylinder
The most important differences between the variety of steering
systems available is the cylinder selection. Both BayStar and
SeaStar systems have a cylinder for most steering applications.
3. Hoses and Tubes
Required to provide a path for the fluid to flow under pressure from
the helm pump to the cylinder.
SeaStar hoses are a custom multi-layered composite design, engineered
specifically for our systems. They are designed to exceed SAE and
ABYC specifications and provide precise steering control not
achievable with hydraulic industry standard hoses. Due to performance
and safety
concerns, SeaStar recommends that ONLY SeaStar or
SeaStar Pro hoses be used in SeaStar steering systems.
4. Steering Fluid
Due to recent upgrades to our steering system components, SeaStar
Solutions recommends use of SeaStar Steering Fluid ONLY
in our
hydraulic steering systems. SeaStar steering systems have been
engineered and validated using our proprietary SeaStar Hydraulic
Steering Fluid. SeaStar steering fluid is engineered with a special
additive package that contains anti-foaming and anti-rust agents,
anti-oxidants, viscosity stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors, wear additives
as well as water emulsification adders that were formulated not to harm
or degrade our components. It is highly recommended that SeaStar
Steering Fluid be used to ensure optimum system performance
and safety.