SeaStar Outboard Hose (Cont.)

SEASTAR and BAYSTAR Hydraulic Steering Systems
How to Measure Hoses
Select from the illustrations that follow (figures A through I), the
situation which best suits your application and note the:
a) cylinder location,
b) number of cylinders,
c) type of cylinders,
d) number of steering stations, and
e) the number of hose and fitting kits required.
How to Measure Hoses:
Single Station, Single
Cylinder, NO
Helm to Steering Cylinder. Using the illustrations below:
1) Measure from center of steering wheel to the starboard side wall.
2) Measure the intended path of the hoses from the starboard side
wall to the center of the engine.
3) Round UP the measurement to the nearest 'even' number and add
2 feet (0.6m). This is the length of hose kit required.
4) Order hose kit part no. HO51xx (item 1). The last two digits
correspond to the length of hose.
Measure from center of the cylinder(s) and helm(s)
Some installations require more than 1 hose kit and additional
fitting kits (see parts list for each figure).
Minimum bend radius for outboard hose is 2–1/2" (6 cm).
Outboard cylinders move. They are subject to engine trim & tilt.
Enough slack must be left in the hoses to prevent kinking.
DO NOT cut the hose. This will
destroy the hose. Once cut there
is no means to field swage
fittings to the ends of the hose.
Outboard hoses are supplied with pre-attached hose fittings on both ends.
In order to prevent hose kinking, bend restrictors are supplied on one
end of each hose in the kit. The end of the hose with the bend
restrictor is to be attached to the cylinder.
Standard Hose Kit
Correct hose length is crucial to
the operation of your SeaStar
steering system, please be sure
that you take all the following
measurements correctly to avoid
damage to the steering hose.
Figure A
Single Front Mount Cylinder
Note: cylinder body moves
Figure B
Single Side Mount Cylinder
Note: cylinder body stationary
Figure C
Single Splashwell Mount Cylinder
Note: cylinder body stationary