SeaStar/Hynautic Sterndrive Steering Systems

SEASTAR and BAYSTAR Hydraulic Steering Systems
Easy installation.
Simple autopilot interface.
Simple multiple steering station connection.
Fits most power and non-power assist sterndrives.
Single and multiple drives.
How to select a steering
system for a stern drive
1) From the order guide on page 5-2 select the drive configuration
based on the number of drives.
2) From the application guide on page 5-3 confirm that a cylinder is
available for your specific make, model and year of drive unit.
Select the cylinder that is appropriate for the drive.
3) From the order guide select the appropriate helm and accessory
hardware. Note that helm pumps of different displacements are
available for power steered sterndrives. The displacement of the
helm affects the number of turns lock to lock. Select the helm
displacement on the basis of the desired steering response.
4) Select the appropriate tube or hose and fitting kits.
5) Confirm that sufficient space is available in the dash and engine
compartments for the equipment.