Catamaran Outboard Systems

Selection Guide
SeaStar Solutions always recommends a mechanical tiebar between
engines where possible. In applications where a mechanical tiebar
cannot be fitted, it is recommended that you use a “Liquid Tiebar
Valve”. This valve will serve two purposes; assisting with the air
removal from the system and allows the user to re-align the engines
when they come out of sync. Regardless of the application, a
mechanical, or, liquid tiebar must be fitted. Due to the potential of
leakage across the piston seals, use of standard SeaStar Outboard
cylinders may require frequent engine realignment. If you must use a
“Liquid Tiebar”, SeaStar Solutions recommends that you order the
following parts below. Doing so will decrease the amount of re-
alignment required.
HA5471-2, Liquid Tiebar Valve
This valve assists with air removal and re-alignment of the engines
when required without having to break into the hydraulic system.
HC5375-3, Catamaran Steering Cylinder
The HC5375-3 steering cylinder has the same mounting and design
properties as the HC5345-3 front mount cylinder. The internal piston
seals are different. This difference decreases the amount of engine
re-alignment that you may encounter.
SeaStar PRO Helm
Use of a SeaStar PRO helm coupled with the HC5375-3 steering
cylinders will drastically reduce the amount of engine realignment
that you may encounter.
SeaStar PRO Hose (Kevlar)
To further reduce engine misalignment, and increase system
performance, SeaStar Solutions recommends the use of SeaStar
PRO steering hoses.
Steering Cylinders
Due to plumbing requirements, all “Liquid Tiebar” systems should use
a 1.7 cu.in. helm pump. Even though there are physically two cylinders
in the system, the total volume of the system is that of one cylinder.
Use of a 2.4 helm will result in heavier steering effort.
As with all other, high horsepower engines, SeaStar Power Assist is
recommend to reduce steering effort.
Bleeding of a “Liquid Tiebar System” is different than a system fitted
with a mechanical tiebar. Please refer to your Installation and
Owner's Manual that is shipped with the liquid tiebar valve.