Hynautic Trim Tabs

SEASTAR and BAYSTAR Hydraulic Steering Systems
The Hynautic cruiser trim system is designed for yachts and
commercial vessels. One brass trim cylinder provides a force equal to
approximately 2.5 times that of the typical nylon cylinders.
Therefore, a Hynautic TCS-1-02 trim system, which includes separate
port and starboard cylinder/pump assemblies is effective for most
yachts to 65 feet using properly reinforced stainless planes. When
more hydraulic muscle is needed, two cylinders per tab may be
pressurized from a single pump as in the TCS-2-01 system.
Similarly, Hynautic can supply a system as complex as four cylinders
moving a single trim plane from a single power pump source.
Because of the diversity of tab shapes and materials, the design is left
to the builder and not included in the basic system.
The effort required to keep large pleasure yachts and commercial
boats trim and level is usually too great for most fiberglass nylon trim
cylinders, even when used in multiple combinations. This is especially
true when backing down hard.
Based on an understanding of these forces, Hynautic offers a heavy
duty brass trim cylinder power ful enough to move and maintain the
position of even the largest trim planes.
And, this patented product is more durable because it resists
corrosion by eliminating all external hoses, isolating dissimilar metals,
and protecting vital seals.
Coupled with a Hynautic 12 volt or 24 volt pump the cylinder will
extend quickly enough to make an immediate difference in the trim of
your yacht or work boat.
Double acting brass cylinder with a patented porting design:
All plumbing is left inside the transom. No external plumbing fittings to
be damaged or corroded. The patented, double wall cylinders are
pressurized in each direction which means they work equally as well at
either holding the plane down against a force from below or preventing
it from being pushed down from a force from above.
Simple, effective marine power pumps:
Available in 12 or 24 volt, and easy to install and purge. The use of
marine rated relays and switches adds to the product's durability.
A design mechanics can appreciate:
The cylinder is designed to be disassembled from outside the boat
without removing the complete assembly from the transom. Where
dissimilar metals might come in contact, they are separated by a
neutral material to reduce the effects of electrolytic corrosion.
Designed to be filled with Dextron III Automatic Transmission Fluid
or equivalent.