Chevrolet V8-283, 302, 305, 307, 327 & 350 C.I.D.

All models: Center riser direct replacement

OMC / Volvo V8-307 & 350 C.I.D. Cobra
Part Number Description
OMC-1-914035 Direct replacement exhaust manifold. Replaces OMC part number 914035 and Volvo part number 3857723 (new style).
OMC-20-913784 Direct replacement exhaust riser / elbow. Replaces OMC number 913784 and Volvo part number 3863061 (new style).
OMC-1-914035P Exhaust manifold mounting package.
OMC-20-913784P Exhaust riser / elbow mounting package.
OMC47-909314 Exhaust manifold to cylinder head gasket.
OMC47-913783 Direct replacement exhaust riser / elbow to manifold gasket.
50-512-017 Replacement 1/2" N.P.T. to 1" hose (straight) / brass hose fitting.
Manifold includes all plugs, gaskets and mounting hardware to head. Risers include plugs, gasket and mounting hardware to mount to manifold.