Computerized Testing Equipment

The next time you install an part
you can have confidence that the part will
perform to O.E.M. specifications.
We have invested over a million dollars in fully automated computerized testing equipment for our inboard starters, outboard
starters and tilt/trim motors. Each and every unit is tested for performance beyond its normal operating condition. The testers
pictured above are specifically designed for testing inboard and outboard starters and are just three of five different testers
we have in use today. We also have one designed for testing tilt/trim motors and another for testing hydraulic pump
Most manufacturers only perform spot tests or a free run only test. It is impossible to know that every unit is performing to
specification without performing an extensive load test on every unit. It is very expensive to test each and every unit, however,
our goal is to supply you with the highest quality unit possible at a reasonable price.
After completion of a thorough test procedure, detailed test results are displayed. The tests are so complete that even the
resistance of the solenoid contacts are shown on the report. Armature ripple is also shown along with a performance curve.
If a unit fails to perform to specification it is rejected and is sent to our quality assurance department for inspection.
We call this
You have a better chance at winning a lottery
than you have of receiving an unit
that doesn’t perform!
EVERY unit is load tested
with state-of-the-art testing equipment.
Permanent Magnet Motor Load Tester
Wire Wound Motor Load Tester
Armature Tester