20-0039 - Rear Mounted Swivel Riser

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Barr Marine

20-0039 -  Rear Mounted Swivel Riser

Fully jacketed swivel-type exhaust riser. 7"" riser protection. Use for models F, G, K, and Q; requires (1) CC-6-80 package. Requires (2) mounting hardware kits# 20-0002 P plus (1) exhaust connector # 20-0035 (for 2 1/2"" i.d. exhaust hose) or (1) exhaust connector # 20-0034 (for 3"" i.d. exhaust hose) per riser. Order (1) of the appropriate exhaust connectors according to your requirements.

For additional details see:

Chris Craft V8-283, 302, 305, 307, 327 & 350 C.I.D. (All models generic)


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