Buda Marine Engine Manuals

Buda Marine Engines

Model Description Pages Price Order
4-DC-645 Operating, Service & Parts Manual: Industrial Power Units 122 $48.00 Add to cart
Silver Crown HM Series Parts Manual 24 $25.00 Add to cart
Silver Crown HM, JM, KM, LM, HMR, JMR, KMR, LMR Instruction Manual 37 $25.00 Add to cart
DD Navy 105HP Instruction Manual: 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" 6-Cylinder Diesel 78 $32.00 Add to cart
6-Cylinder Gas Instruction Manual: Early 6-Cylinder Gas Engines 66 $30.00 Add to cart
DA-25, DB-60, DC-105 Instruction Manual: Navy Diesel 25HP, 60HP & 105HP 78 $32.00 Add to cart
6-DH-909 Buda-Lanova Diesel Instruction Manual 40 $25.00