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Old Marine Engines     

Old Marine Engines  by Stan Grayson
Your Price: $34.95 No longer available.

Paperback Third Edition

A Classic Favorite! Third Printing!

Book Specifications:
ISBN: 0-9640070-2-9
Total Page Count: 276
Trim Size: 7 x 10
Illustrations: Over 100
Please order soon! Supplies are limited and this book won't be reprinted

They called them "my one-lunger" or "my old make-and-break." What they were referring to was the single-cylinder, two-cycle marine engine that was a staple for fishermen and pleasure boaters for almost two decades beginning in about 1900. "One-lunger" referred to the single cylinder. "Make-and-break" referred to the ignition system that used a mechanically driven igniter and low-tension coil rather than a high-tension coil and a spark plug. Such engines would run even when soaking wet, and they were
built by companies in the U.S. and Canada.

A perennial best-seller, this book focuses on the classic two-cycle marine engines and those who designed and built them.

Chapter 1, The Coming of Power discusses the world as it was on the eve of the practical, two-cycle marine engine and the impact made by the first such engines on those who saw and used them. Also explored is the debate that flourished for a decade about the comparative virtues of two-cycle vs. four-cycle engines.

Chapter 2 , Portraits, brings you the stories of Palmer, Lathrop, Hawboldt, Boothbay, Fay and Bowen, and others.

Chapter 3, The Art and Science of the Two-Stroke unravels the mysteries associated with two-cycle design including the all-important layout of the ports.

Chapter 4, How They Built Them, takes you inside the factories like Acadia's and others to explore the methods used to build these stalwart, cast-iron machines.

Chapter 5, Daniel and Charlie and the Atlantic Marine Engine tells the story of one of Canada's longest-lived engines, the Atlantic, built by the Lunenburg Foundry.

Chapter 6, Daisy, tells the story of the restoration of a remarkable Lozier launch powered by an original Lozier, one-lunger.

Chapter 7 , Survivors, investigates the enduring appeal of old marine engines for those who collect and restore them. Both museums and individual collectors are discussed as are practical tips for those who wish to use a one-lunger in a boat but need advice on propeller sizing and engine installation.

Chapter 8, The Catboat Mable Hawker, tells the story of a man who decided to have a new one-lunger installed in his new, 18-foot Cape Cod catboat and what the experience taught him.

Chapter 9, In Retrospect -- the World of the One-Lunger, places the engines in the context of the overall marine engine industry. From New England to New Orleans to California, the one-lunger played an important role even years after more modern, multi-cylinder engines had been successfully developed.

This book includes several fascinating Appendices. Appendix A includes an annotated listing of U.S. and Canadian marine engine companies, some 800 in all. Appendix B describes the hilarious yet thought provoking story of a fisherman and his first engine. Appendix C presents the plans and commentary for a 14-foot skiff suitable for a small (3 hp) one-lunger.) Appendix D provides practical advice on the care and operation of a gasoline engine. Appendix E includes a listing of marine engines in a variety of museum collections around the country. A useful index is also provided.


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Why shop with us? Check our reviews! Why Us & Reviews   Boat Repair Forum Boat Repair Forum   Boat Video Gallery Video Gallery
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