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    Default " Can anyone help, we need inf

    " Can anyone help, we need info on How to tune up a
    Johnson Evinrude outboard motor. It's a
    2 stroke, 70hp. 1996. "

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    Default " New spark plugs, or at least

    " New spark plugs, or at least making sure yours are very clean is a first, gapped to specs, maybe someone can help me out on the gap .... ????

    A good cleaning of the carb(s), .... take your time on that one because it counts big time. If it cant inhale a proper mixture of fuel/air, it will either not run at all or will at least not run well. By the way the fuel/oil mix I am pretty sure should be 50:1 using a tcw-3 oil (Two Cycle Water cooled ... and I dont have a clue how they come up with the '-3'). 16 oz. oil ... 6 gal. of gas. Regular should do just fine on the gas.

    Check out the points if so equipped. Again ... maybe a little help from the experts in here.
    If you have points you want them gapped exactly to spec, and free of any pits or corrosion. Depending on the design you may have to pull the flywheel for that one.

    If this is a motor that you just got, or has been in service for a while, then a new water pump impellor is not a bad idea. Drop the lower unit to get at that, not a real tough job in most cases. Just be sure to get the shift linkage is adjusted properly when you go back together.

    Change the oil in the lower unit, note the color and consistancy of what comes out of it. Milky looking oil will indicate bad seals and gaskets and will indicate a short life of the gears inside unless corrected. Water takes a toll on the gears at a remarkable pace.

    Give it a really good visual going over, checking for worn insulation on any wires, loose or corroded connections.

    Check out any and all hoses. You want to replace anything that looks dry and especially if it looks like it has cracks in it ..... even if it looks like just little lines. If you see a line in the rubber, it needs a new hose.

    Covering all those bases may take you some time, and perhaps a little (or even a lot) of research. But, after covering them you should be good to go for a long time to come. Then, enjoy the water and the sunshine. "

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    Default " No points on that motor. Don

    " No points on that motor. Don't forget to grease the motor steering and propshaft. There is one grease fitting that is sort of hidden, the one for the steering shaft. Tilt the motor full up, put the tilt lock bracket down, and the fitting is on the port side near the lock bracket. "

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    Default Thank you both very much. You

    Thank you both very much. You have been very helpful. Mike

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