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    Default Does anyone know how much of

    Does anyone know how much of a weight difference there is between a Merc 40 and 50 hp? (Late 90's)
    I have a 16 foot Tracker that is rated for a 40 hp max but I would like to put the 50 hp on it that I already own. Any thoughts on doing this?
    Someone told me that because the boat HAD stick steer rated at only 35 hp that this is were the rating on the boat may have come from. The stick steer is being replaced for a side console setup...
    Much Thanks

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    MyToys Guest

    Default Just a side note: I have a

    Just a side note:
    I have a 15 ½ foot Princecraft that is rated for Max 35 hp. I bought it brand new with a 50 hp Evinrude as a package. I have had the boat over 20 years now and the only problems I have run into with it is a heftier insurance bill for the over rated horse power.
    Its not so much a weight difference as it is a power difference.

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    kelly nelson's Avatar
    kelly nelson Guest

    Default " Jer, go to trackers web site

    " Jer, go to trackers web site and look at the 16ft boat with regular steering. It is rated for 60hp or 75hp. The stick steering is why it was rated less hp. "

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    Jan 2007
    newcastle, NSW, Australia

    Default " 40 and 50 hp are the same un

    " 40 and 50 hp are the same unless you are talking new or 2 cylinder 40 hp, 50 will be fine on that boat also if insurence gets picky go get an ALASKA DETUNE kit ( restricts WOT so that 50 only produces 35 hp) get your insurence and then remove the kit.

    if it is the 3 cylinder 50 it is lighter because the older 4 cylinder 40 due to meterial in the block for the 4th sylinder also both engines are under 225 lbs... i own a 1960 ( old i know) merc 400 (45 hp) whick shares the same basic design with the 40,50,60,65 80 and others up until around 1994 and it is 185 lbs. "

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    Jan 2007
    newcastle, NSW, Australia

    Default ammend from previous message

    ammend from previous message

    tracker placed a 50 and a 60 on that boat with stick stering the 60 hp was fitted with a jet pump which makes it a 40 propshaft hp motor so there is your answer.

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