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    Matt Szychulda Guest

    Default " Well my 20 horse Chrysler ha

    " Well my 20 horse Chrysler has begun to lose power and speed recently. I have had it compression tested and tuned but my mechanic (brother) noticed some oil under the flywheel and stated it is probably a crankshaft seal leaking which is creating my problems. He is a Johnson/Merc mechanic but isn't completely familiar with Chryslers. Does anyone know how had it is to put in a new seal? Can we just pop one in, our is it a complete overhaul? It isn't too bad yet, but I would love to get my previous performance back. Thanks in advance, Matt

    1971 Chrysler Outboard
    20 horse power "

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    Mark Mattiucci Guest

    Default " If its like my 1967 75 HP Ch

    " If its like my 1967 75 HP Chrysler, you just need to pull the flywheel and remove four bolts to remove the seal housing. Hope its just the top seal. The other is a lot more work. "

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