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    Default ...Have removed the Motor fro

    ...Have removed the Motor from a Wrecked boat...I have been working on a Graymarine 4-22...on working in the engine...i dont see a fuel pump...the Fuel line runs direct into the bottom of the Carb assembly.it seemed to have been a gravity fed..there is some kind of connection into the rear gear/transmission ring...but nothing is attached...I got a 4-6cyl Graymarine manual...but it dosnt show much...any help would be helpful...Thanks all GAW

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    Default I've seen this only once

    I've seen this only once before where the fuel tanks are above deck and the carb is gravity fed. Neet. Unless you want to stay original I'd put an electric fuel pump in BUT it must be wired so that if the engine stalls the pump shuts off. This will prevent fuel from filling your bilge in the event of a stuck float. Very possible with side draft and updraf carbs especially.

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