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    Default " At idle, runs fine but seems

    " At idle, runs fine but seems a little rougher than I remember. Stopped, in neutral will rev just fine. Under load, it bogs down. If I pump the choke, RPMs increase, if I let off, they decrease. Occasionally, it will run fine with no help from the choke. Any ideas? "

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    Default " Charles, From what I have s

    " Charles,
    From what I have seen posted on this and other boards, when you have a motor that acts like yours it is usually a fuel problem, surging, etc. Could be trash or water in gas tank, faulty pickup mechanism in tank, fuel hose sucking air.
    How long has this motor sat idle? Could be you need to rebuild carbs. Try a new gas line and some fresh gas W/oil-gas mix 50:1 ratio. Is it a VRO system?
    Ray "

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