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    Default I just puschased a 1980 Ski N

    I just puschased a 1980 Ski Nautique. I was wondering if the 351 in it is a Windsor or what? I contacted Pleasurecraft Engine Group and gave them the serial and model numbers. They said it is a plain 351 RH engine. How do I identify the engine when ordering parts. The seller said it was a cleveland. I believe they stop manufacturing cleveland's in 1972. Correct Craft verified that the engine is the original engine in the boat.

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    Default "Dan, look for the casting I

    "Dan, look for the casting ID numbers on the block and heads, then search the web for Ford V8 reference code lists. There are plenty of sites that can identify your block and heads. Not sure exactly where the numbers are on the castings, but they should be easy to find. On heads, they're normally under the valve covers. Odds are that it's a Windsor.


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    Default Looks like Windsor. Last Cle

    Looks like Windsor. Last Cleveland was 1974 with a deck height of 9.206 inch. Windsor deck height is 9.503 inch.

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    Default need help/// have a 351 win

    need help/// have a 351 windsor out of a mustang that i nowhave in an 83 ford pu.. something puzzles me; it has 2 oil dip sticks..one on side and one in front by the water pump. was this stock for a particular model or a add on.? it has rotary module distributor ignition instead of older points system...also anybody got an idea when engine made?

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