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    Default "HI, I had my lower stern driv

    "HI, I had my lower stern drive replaced with a good used one and it does work fine but when i trim it up oil drips out of the rear of the sterndrive(where the upper and lower sections meet) pretty fast.What could be my problem ?Appreciate your advice. THANKS, TED"

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    Default Did somebody forget to install

    Did somebody forget to install the wee o-ring / quad ring between the upper and lower housings???

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    Default "is it an alpha gen II, there

    "is it an alpha gen II, there is a shaft seal back there that likes to leak"

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    Default "Just replaced the lower? Did

    "Just replaced the lower?
    Did you replace or someone else do the labor? If someone else- take it back to them because something is definetly wrong.
    There is an o-ring on the drive shaft that often sticks inside the upper housing when it's pulled. First of all you need to make sure the old one came out, and second make sure the new one was in place when you installed the lower. There is also another rubber washer as not-a-student mentioned that sits in the oil passage hole between the upper and lower. It lies near the water pump on the starboard side next to one of the bolt studs. The shaft seal usually does not cause the oil to pour out, but more of a seapage which comes from the weephole on the starboard side of the lower. However it could also be bad. I suggest you do a pressure test on the drive and replace anything that leaks BEFORE putting it in the water. It could save you a boat-load of money because the drive will get water intrusion if it has a leak. Trust me a leak is a bad situation waiting to happen. You may also want to look at some of the previous postings on installing an internal lube reservoir since they can save your drive in the event of a leak. With this reservoir in place any leak will be replaced with oil instead of letting water in. It is also a good leak monitor as you can visually see the oil level and know when it drops. If you don't already have one, get a manual for the drive and start reading. Good Luck!"

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