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    Default "THis a two part question. Fir

    "THis a two part question. First off, I have a '87 28hp evinrude on a 14' boat, the controlls and cables came off a larger boat. A) will the length of the throttle cable affect the speed of the boat (I.E the length being too long causing slack in the cable, thus the throttle can't open fully?) I have about 6' of slack.
    B)CAn the cable be shortend (if so how?)or do I need to buy a new one at the proper length?
    Thanks a bunch.

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    May 2007
    Inverary, Ontario, Canada - The Great White North Eh!

    Default "Ron, if I'm reading you c

    "Ron, if I'm reading you correctly here you are asking if say you only require 12 feet of cable and you have 18 will it affect the way the motor operates?

    If I have that right, the answer in short is no. You can "coil" the cable to take up the slack as long as you don't try and coil it too tightly.

    It is not optimum, because you have to either find somewhere to hide it or risk tripping over it at the stern end. Additionally, it does put added stress on the cables and they can wear out more quickly - but will work.

    As to shortening them - not something you could attempt in the garage or basement. Besides, cables in themself are relatively economical.

    Personally, if you can live with the extra length, I would use them until either they become a hinderance or they begin to seize/bind on you.

    But I'm cheap [img][/img] and that costs less than replacing them..."

    A "professional" is someone who gets paid for their work - it doesn't necessarily mean they are good at it :)

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    Default "Grahm, yes you're readin

    yes you're reading me correctly. The reason I ask is, I have absolutly no speed with the throttle wide open. I get about 2mph at full throttle and after about 10 min. the motor stalls, but starts right back up. When checking with tthe cover off and at full throttle, I notice the butterfly doesn't open fully. Also, the cam follower seems to have play in it as well"

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    May 2007
    Inverary, Ontario, Canada - The Great White North Eh!

    Default "Ron, you should be able to ad

    "Ron, you should be able to adjust the cable ends to allow the throttle to open fully, but that only sounds like part of your issue.

    Your lack of speed and then the stall must be caused by another condition.

    I would start with basic trouble shooting - compression and spark test first, then on to the fuel system."

    A "professional" is someone who gets paid for their work - it doesn't necessarily mean they are good at it :)

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    Apr 2006
    , Langkawi, Malaysia

    Default "I would guess this engine nee

    "I would guess this engine needs a synch.
    Main problem might be:
    Throtle cable travel: Check that ign goes to stop at max advance.
    Check that mark on ign cam lines up with roller on carb when carb starts to open.
    Check that collar #71 on below pic is correctly adjusted to give full 98-100%) throtle opening when trotle is at full speed.

    A manual is allways a good investment for 'home mechs'.

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