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    Default "Looking at Purchasing boat an

    "Looking at Purchasing boat and motor package With above engine,led to believe that mariner is not as well made as the regular mercs.Also notice in some of the discussions that they are pretty much a carbon copy.Outfit has approx. 200 hours,Asked for mechanical and comp.#s but dont have a lot of background in this power range.would be greatful for your insight."

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    Default "James, don't know who you

    "James, don't know who you were talking to but the 1996 model, 200 horse Mariner is exactly a Merc - the only difference being the paint colour and the decals.

    There was a series of Japanese built models, but at lower horsepower. Merc develops very little on their own and usually buy their powerheads, gears etc from other producers.

    For many years the bulk of their parts came from Yamaha (hence the Japanese/Yamaha built models).

    In the mid-90's (94/95/96) Merc started making changes. It is possible that the powerhead on that model came from China (who supplies alot of the high horsepower powerheads for Merc currently - just don't know exactly when they started).

    The motor you are looking at though, is big, complicated, computer/sensor driven - not something that most back-yard mechanics are going to go at with a screwdriver.

    At almost 12 years old (since the 96 would have hit the market in late 95), 200 hours is not very much - less than 20 hours a year average.

    That isn't always good - far more outboards fail from "not being used" than running too much.

    I would have it thoroughly checked out before purchase - it's going to cost a small fortune to run it with the cost of gas - best to make sure that it has no issues since repair costs could get pretty steep on this model..."

    A "professional" is someone who gets paid for their work - it doesn't necessarily mean they are good at it :)

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