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    Default "Just got into boating and hav

    "Just got into boating and haven't a clue.
    I was told this motor needs a carb. kit, tell me what you think. At full throttle, speeds are around 2mph, motor sputters then will stall after 10 minutes or so, but will start right back up without any problem. When I look under the cover everything is soaked with fuel. I was also told that the compression was at 124(and that this was satisfactory). The motor is a 1987 evinrude 28hp model# E28ESLCUC. If it is the carb. what should I expect to pay someone to rebuild/new one. Thanks a bunch"

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    Default "Ron, according to the brp cat

    "Ron, according to the brp catalog the original oem# was 0398729 changed to oem#0396701. This site has them avalible without the float #18-7042, and with the float(which you want) #18-7222. Rebuild Kit $10.00- $15.00. Click on the parts icon at the top of this page."

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    Default "I had a 89 Johnson 28 HP. Fin

    "I had a 89 Johnson 28 HP. Fine little engine that gave me great, reliable service for many years. The carb on those models are very simple to service. Just pick up a kit and service it yourself. No special tools are nessesary. It should take you no more than an hour or so. A Manual will have complete directions."

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    Default sounds dangerous. need that ca

    sounds dangerous. need that carb worked on asap

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