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    Default "My boat was under cover for a

    "My boat was under cover for about 6 months and got alot of mildew on it's white interior.I used bleach and soap combinations with a scrub brush and got most of it off,but ther are still dark black stains left behind.If anyone knows of a way to get these out it would be appreciated."

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    Default A bit unorthodox but you may w

    A bit unorthodox but you may want to try a bit of saddle soap (for horse saddles) - works well on oil stains on most of the fake leathers - may do the trick for ya...

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    Default "Jeff, This won't clean up

    "Jeff, This won't clean up your mess, but if you have access to 110v power at the boat, do yourself a favor and buy an ozone generator. Open all the hatches, cupboards & lockers, put it on a timer if it doesn't have one. And let it kill the bugs while your away. Also consider a dehumidifer. Let it overflow to a sink or thru hull, any where out side the boat."

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    Default Oxyclean works best for me.

    Oxyclean works best for me.

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    Default "This is unorthodox but Avon b

    "This is unorthodox but Avon bubble bath cleans just about any stain I've thrown at it and is completley safe colour wise and stuff. Works on clothes,carpet you name it. I think I even cleaned an old oil stain off the concrete floor in the shop. Hate to know what it might do to your skin if you actually soak in it. (Just a side note I don't use it, a co-worker at work told my wife about it. I do have a manly rep. to up keep you know)"
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