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    Default For some reason my fuel inject

    For some reason my fuel injectors stopped getting fuel. i was checking the usual parts when i noticed that the fuel filter was out of gas. filled it up with gas then the engine came back to like. after a few minutes it went out again. i checked the fuel filter again; it was empty once again. i've been doing some reading about the issue and i'm going to check the pickup and anti siphon valve for debris or clogs. my question is how did you guys do yours and how often should i do this?
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    Default "At the top of your Fuel Tank

    "At the top of your Fuel Tank is the Outlet Fitting,......

    Remove it,....
    You might find the Pick-up Tube to be your Problem,.....
    Or the Anti-Siphon Valve is the Hose Barb coming Out of the elbow.......

    It needs Cleaning whenever there's Crap from the Tank plugging it........."
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    Default Just don't forget to reins

    Just don't forget to reinstall it when you are through. It is a vital part of your safety equipment and is required by the Coast Guard.

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