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    Default " I have a 2002 Nissan 9.8. I

    " I have a 2002 Nissan 9.8. I haven't run it much in fact I just completed the break in cycle. I last ran it in July. I always run the gas out of it when I put the boat on the tralier (motor still in the water). I decided to take it out this last weekend. I dumped the old gas and mixed up a fresh batch of 50:1 (it's first). It started fine and idled well. I took it out on the lake and ran full throttle for about 10 minutes then came off the throttle to idle and the motor died. Took me about 30 minutes to get it started, over the course of troublehsooting I verified I had fuel, spark, and the kill switch was not activated. When I got it started it ran fine idled well and operates normally. As soon as I ran it at full throttle for a while and then came off it died again. I pulled the plugs and went through the whole troublehsooting scenario again. The only thing I noticed was that the plugs seem very wet. When I put the plugs back in and tired to start it started fine. I just can't run at full throttle and then come down off it. It seems like it floods out. Any suggestions? "

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    Default Frank...I not very familiar w

    Frank...I not very familiar with Nisson motors but it sounds like you may have a short in the wiring. Check the wires to your stop switch to make sure there not getting caught up in your throttle linkage or check for a broken or bare wire in the stop switch wire harness...DJ

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    Default " Frank, Did this engine ev

    " Frank,

    Did this engine ever overheat? It is unusual for a new engine to develop this kind of problem, but everheating will cause ignition trouble, especialy with the ignition systems on the late model engines. Burnt paint in the cylinder head area is a sure sign of everheating.

    It is a good idea the check the spark by making it jump a sizeable gap of about 7/16 inch. If the spark will not jump a wide gap, then it is too weak.

    You say that the plugs appear wet. Verify that water is not getting into the cylinders. This could happen if the head gasket is leaking.

    If the plugs are wet, and you have good spark, and the problem is not water, then I would say that you should remove the carb and check it out thoroughly. Even though you always drained the carb by running the fuel out, there could still be enough fuel and oil left behind to clog a tiny orifice, or gum up the needle and seat. Since you let the engine lie idle for five or six months, this could have happened.

    I think I have one of these engines in my shop. I will take a look at it and see if there is anything else that might have gone wrong. I don't see many of these Nissan/Tohatsu motors either, but I know that they can be difficult to diagnose.

    Tony "

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    Default Well I replaced both sparkplu

    Well I replaced both sparkplugs and replaced a slightly leaky fuel fitting where the hose connects to the motor and everything is back to working just fine. I've run it for 3-4 hours no problem. What I really think happened was that the carb got a little gummed up over the last few months of sitting idle and it just needed a little run time.

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    Default "It is the float in the carb.

    "It is the float in the carb. There is no way to run all the gas out of the system, the line is lower than the carb. As the gas evaporates from non-use, it leaves a film in the carb that makes the float stick. Add B 12 or some other cleaner in the tank then add new gas. After you run this tank thru, the gunk will be disolved."

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