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    Default I'm looking for a used Al

    I'm looking for a used Albin 28 and have found most to have either a 6.5 Marine Power or Peninsular Diesel Engine. I know very little regarding these engines and was looking for some advice on longevity/servicability etc. Most have around 350 to 650 hours and appear to have been taken well care of. Thanks for any insight.

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    Default " Tiny. Albin has the 6.5 as a

    " Tiny. Albin has the 6.5 as a low price option in order to tap into the lower markets. I believe you will find most Albin dealers will recommend the Cummins or Yanmar power options. In my research I have learned that this is not a real good choice in the marine environment. They are loud and smokey, parts are more difficult to come by, engine life is an issue, they continue to have cooling problems in many applications. Price is very attractive (I'm in the re-power market for a Bertram 33 and I could almost buy 2 6.5s for the price of 1 Cummins) but from what I've learned from service folks...stay away "

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    Default " I have two Peninsulars in my

    " I have two Peninsulars in my 31 Albin. Contrary to the prior posting, these engines are the 6.5 GM put in light trucks and Hummers. In fact, these engines are one of the most mass-produced small diesels in recent history They are marinized by Peninsular and have been for 20 years. Consequently, most parts are sold at the local NAPA. Parts are in fact less expensive than most other engines. I have a 1000 hours on mine and they give me no more problem than my friends' volvos, cummins or cats.

    I recently had a friend repower with 315 cummins, and he paid 18000 for each. The Peninsular engines are about 3000 less.

    You pay more for the Cummins, and it has a higher resale -- but how much is left to question.

    Take care of your Peninsular, run it often and you will do ok. "

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    Default " Looking at a 28ft 1995 Nause

    " Looking at a 28ft 1995 Nauset with a 270BPH Peninsular Diesel - supposed to have less than 450 hrs, getting informal feedback from surveyors, etc on this engine - stay away - any more feedback from anyone on these ??? "

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    Default " Rich, these diesels are basi

    " Rich, these diesels are basically the throw away diesel. A previous post said he had almost 1000 hours on his and no problems.... Thats about half a years use in my territory. I have friends who have over 15000 hours on Isuzus, Mitsubushis, Cats etc and only do routine maintanence or the odd valve job now and then. If you are condisering using the boat much spend a little more up front, get a real diesel and it will hold resale value and probably not give you much grief. The 3 big things on diesels is, clean fuel, clean fuel and yup you guessed it clean fuel. That and a little maintenance (oil changes, etc) and you should be good to go. Also look in your area and see what diesels are serviced and sold. If the engines were free, no parts and service would still make them worthless. Kim "

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    Default "I am repowering my 32' Re

    "I am repowering my 32' Regal from twin 350 gas to 6.5 turbos. I am aware of the concerns with 6.5s, however I came by them relatively cheap. Can anyone steer me in the direction of some help installing and converting the gas to diesel components of the boat. Has anyone been down this road? Thanks"

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    Default "I have been researching Twin

    "I have been researching Twin 6.5L Diesels 300 HP each for a 34' Sportfish Inboard.. replacing Twin 350 HP 454's but not with the GM 6.5L that were on the market for many years with so many problems.. Look at the - 2007 AM General Optimizer 6500 Engine, 6.5L Marine V8 Diesel at:

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    Default "I purchased 2 new MarineDiese

    "I purchased 2 new MarineDiesel USA 6.5l engines from Performance Product Technologies in Stillwater Ok...Both engines failed in less than 100 hrs. I could not get the company to stand behind the warranty and was left with 2 dead engines.
    I have a friend who has an identical boat as mine. He had repowered prior to me, from gas to diesel. We both set up out boats with the installation advice from PTT. He has had to replace 3 MarineDiesel (Hammerhead) engines in the past 2 1/2 years.
    I repowered with 300hp Cummins.
    I am currently involved in litegation to recoup my lost investment from PPT. I am in search of anyone who has had engine failure and warranty issues with either PPT (MarineDieselUSA) or it's parent co. MarineDiesel Sweden."

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    Default "r kiesel, Interested as to ho

    "r kiesel, Interested as to how your 6.5's failed or why or what when wrong. I fix boats all the time. I have a 1350hp V10 MTU died a spectacular death at 400 hours 3 months installed and signed off by MTU agent (reason is they made a mistake on the install). Yet I have a 6.5 at nearly 2000 hrs running sweet. So many parameters on an install, engine incline, exhaust setup, cooling, engine loading, etc etc. I have other good and bad stories for most makes and models. What I am saying is more information as to why they failed is good to help understand and make an informed decision.

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    Default "Nouméa New calédonia: Local

    "Nouméa New calédonia:
    Local distributor for Peninsular Marine engines I've sold and serviced about 20 engines some of them are more than 10 years old and most of them between 1000 and 2000 hours.They all run at this day, the only problems met comes from owners faults.(no service for 350 hours ie no more oil into the engine,sea-water vannes clothed, saltwater showers permanently on the engines:ie:electric problems and rust everywhere)
    nothing wrong with the engine or the marinization.
    If we refer to the PPT engines the most important difference is that this engines are supercharged instead of turbocharged.As the boost is coming very progressively with the big low speed turbo, sometimes with smoke I confess,the stress is not very important on the crank and bearings, on the opposite side with the compressor the engine delivers a high torque from very low revs with no smoke ie: big stress on the moving parts of the engine.
    You must keep in mind that this engine has been build for light trucks and that it is an alternative to the 454 petrol engines.
    If you use the same ratio as the above you will not met problems.I estimate the limit to 6000 pounds per engine and tune the top speed at 3800 revs instead of the 3600s given buy the manufacturer, then at cruising speed (2800 to 3200)the engine never smoke and can run years after years without problems.
    In conclusion:
    You cannot fight with a short stroke V8 versus a long stroke L6 for a heavy boat, but on a light fast boat you will have much more advantages efficiency and easy use with the 6.5 Peninsular engine.
    (if you put a Ferrari engine into a bus it will not be abble to move this weight, on the opposite if you put a Cat or Cummins engine into a sport car you will never get the performances)"

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    Default Tiny I purchased a 1995 Alb


    I purchased a 1995 Albin TE in 2003. It had a Peninsular diesel engine. Three problems developed which are relatively easy to fix and I think they are the reason newer Albins don't have that engine.

    1. It became hard to start. The engine requires two fully charged batteries in order to start. I solved this problem by adding two more batteries which I use only for starting the engine. One also needs to get a new timer for the glow plugs so that they stay on about 10 seconds for a cold start.

    2. The engine would overheat at WOT. I tried several things which didn't help including cleaning the heat exchanger and advancing the gpm on the water pump. As soon as I put on a larger heat exchanger it solved the problem and I have a cool running engine all day long. I purchased the heat exchanger from the same company which manufactured the one on the engine. Company in Washington.

    3. Oil leak. This could be disastrous. This is a marinized engine and the oil filter is on the bottom of the engine. There is no room on a boat at the bottom and therefore there is a remote oil filter. The two hoses at the bottom of the engine need to be replaced. I developed a pinpoint hole but due to the high pressure in the hose it could pump out all of the oil in a short period of time if it wasn't noticed. I bought stainless steel hoses from a company who makes airplane hoses.

    If these three problems are addressed and corrected the Peninsular engine should perform as well as any other marine diesel engine.

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    Default "just did some work recently o

    "just did some work recently on these engines, overheating problem was solved buy disassembling aftercooler and washing with muratic acid. and from looking at these engines, they look very unconventional and i see alot of room for problems. keep in mind that peninsular is down to only 5 employees and does less than 500k in total revenue a year"

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    Default "I'm looking at a 25ft sea

    "I'm looking at a 25ft sea vee with a 275hp peninsular engine from what I've read the engines are either good and last or are bad from the beginning. it's a 1979 hull with a 1999 engine, so the engine at this point is 10 years old don't know the hours or if it's had any major problems, my other option is a 25 ft sea vee with a 454 gas engine, does anyone have any thoughts on this
    Thanks Peter"

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