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    Default I am looking for 1 or 2 Ford L

    I am looking for 1 or 2 Ford Lehman 120 2715s. Any body know where I might look?

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    Default "Larry, Try American Diesel

    Try American Diesel in Virginia. (804)435-8107. They rebuild Ford Lehman's and are very knowledgeable.
    Jeff Neville"

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    Default "Very interesting how you figu

    "Very interesting how you figured out some comon problems.
    I noticed that no one is talking about another possible culprit in the overheating saga.
    As pointed out buy others, diesel egnines rely on oil to dissipate heat from the bottom of pistons and heads more than petrol engines.

    Diesel build up a lot of muck and flushing out the sludge from sump, conduits, heat exchangers, pistons an anywhere else, with an appropriate flush product is very important. There are flush product that rely on solvents and others that rely on detergents. The detergent seem to work better but anything is better than nothing.

    The proper procedure is to drain all old oil first leaving old filter in, replace with the cheapest no frill oil you can find, and run the engine a bit more than idle with the flush product in the cheap new oil for the time recomended by the manufacturer. Drain again and replace with good new oil and filter.

    The sludge build up is an insulator and does not allow the oil to cool down the pistons and heads. Don't be surprised if you will now need one or two extra litres of oil.
    This website talks a lot about the effects of flushing out sludge. They of course want to sell their product, yet it is informative nontheless. I am sure you know other comparative products that sell in the US."

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    Default "Marc, Thanks very much f

    Thanks very much for your input. I'll give it a try when I put my boat in the water in early May. My overheat has diminished, but still registers high on the gauge. The engine temperature does not exceed the limit so it does not sound the alarm or shut off. However,I do want to get it completely normal

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    Default "Marc, Re your post on March

    Re your post on March 16,2009 about flushing out sludge for cooling.

    I am interested in the "comparative products sold in the US". I emailed costeffective and their postage cost is around $400 because of hazardous material charges.

    Also interested if anyone has personal experience with helping glazed cylinder walls and what product was used.


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    Default "Mate, just do a Google search

    "Mate, just do a Google search.
    You have Lubegard, Forte, Amsoil, Valvoline. This are the fast solvent based that will do the initial clean up and free the most sludge. 1/2 hour idling and out goes all the dirt.

    However you also have a detergent based product that works different and is added to the oil and cleans slowly as you use your engine in the normal way.
    I don't have any experience with either of the products mentioned, since I use Nulon before each oil change over and CEM once a year for a deep clean. Both products are Australian and postage could only be done surface mail due to them being flamable.
    Auto-rx seems to have a lot of info and proably worth while having a chat with them.
    And I am sure you have also heaps of other and better products too."

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    Default I need to replace the fill cap

    I need to replace the fill cap for my fresh water
    expansion tank. Is this a standard auto radiator
    cap or a special"marine cap"?

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    Default "Joe, I can't give you a

    I can't give you a positive answer to your cap question one way or another, but I do know that there are several caps which differ as to the temperature or pressure at which they allow overflow. I recommend you talk to American Diesel in Virginia (804) 435-3107 and see what they say. They may tell you to buy a specific cap from them, but they will explain why and you can decide whether to follow their advice. They are very knowledgeable and have always been helpful."

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    Default "Hi. I have Ford Lehman turbo

    "Hi. I have Ford Lehman turbo deisel in marine, so i need help, i`m looking a plans of cooling systems and el-systems. evrything varking jast need conection but i do not know haw. plese help me"

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    Default Re: "I have a 1979 Grand Banks 36

    Quote Originally Posted by jeffneville View Post
    "I have a 1979 Grand Banks 36 with twin Ford Lehman 120's, 6 cyl. The port engine is overheating by 20 to 30 degrees. I have done extensive work to try to find out the problem and at am the end of my rope for a solution.
    Here is a summary of the work done - all 3 raw water heat exchangers have been taken off, inspected and back flushed. Then these were exchanged with the starboard engine and still the port engine overheats. The riser has been replaced - the old one didn't show very much accumulation. Engine temperature gauge reads the same at main steering station and bridge station. Also, it has been connected to starboard engine and shows normal temperature. The temperature gauge sensor has been exchanged with the starboard one and there is no change.
    The thermostat was replaced but no improvement. The new one has also been exchanged with the one in the starboard engine and no change.
    The raw water impeller pump has been rebuilt. The raw water intake has been exchanged with the starboard engine one. No change - the problem persists. Raw water exhaust on port engine looks about the same as the starboard.
    The port engine sounds like it is running well - sounds the same as starboard engine. No noticeable leakage of oil or coolant.
    We have run sea trials at 1200 rpm and 1560 rpm (chosen arbitrarily). At the lower rpm, temperature is good. At higher rpm, the reading goes to 210 F.
    I need to get this problem solved as soon as possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Jeff Neville [email protected]"
    I too have a 1979 36' Grand Banks with twin Lehmans, engine water pump impeller maybe slipping on the shaft at higher RPMs. May need to change engine water pump. Have seen this several times on cats and cummins engines!

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