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    Default I have an 8V92 DDEC 1 (198

    I have an 8V92 DDEC 1 (1987) which has lost its top end turbo boost. It used to go to 20# and now tops out in the 13-15# range. Very few people know anything about this engine but it appears that the by-pass valve is not operating properly. I am looking for a parts source for the by-pass valve and any suggestions for other things to look at.
    The exhaust manifolds have been checked and 1 replaced. New injectors and valve adjustments done. New fuel pump installed. Turbo boost sensor replaced and ECM checked. Excellent runner once up to speed but poor power under load.
    Thanks to all who might point me toward the necessary part.

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    Default I anyone has any information i

    I anyone has any information it appears that what I need is referred to as a blower by-pass valve and has a part # of 8927187
    Thanks again.

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    Default you need to contact a dda dist

    you need to contact a dda distributor in your area

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    Default "Geeze, if I hadn't tried

    "Geeze, if I hadn't tried that already I sure wouldn't be posting here for help."

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    Default Re: I have an 8V92 DDEC 1 (198

    I have 8V92- 2 for 27 years. 20# is the right number. 13-15# is very low. I suspect the turbos more than the bypass. We suspected Bypass and cleaned them. It is a very stiff spring and that is the only working component in the bypass. We actually pinned one closed and it made no difference. Perfectly safe to do this - Some larger HP Detroits only have one bypass.

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    Default Re: 8v92 Turbo ByPass Valve

    I agree with your assessment but this is a very old thread. I've answered old threads too ;>)
    Not a lot of traffic on the Detroit section as these engines keep being replaced.
    Welcome to the Forum.

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    Default Re: 8v92 Turbo ByPass Valve

    I've heard that if bypass valve not working,it wouldn't even go that high? Just what a mechanic told me

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