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    Default "I am looking at a boat powere

    "I am looking at a boat powered with twin 1996 Crusader 350 XL engines with aprox 800 fresh water hours. As I plan to use the boat for offshore trips of 50 mi or more, I would like to get some info on what I should replace, change, upgrade to achive the highest reliability possible. Risers are first on my list.......

    Thanks in advance!


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    Default "I would certainly change all

    "I would certainly change all fluids and filters. I would then look at all belts, hoses and ignition components. I would also remove and inspect the risers, installing new gaskets when reassembling.

    In addition to this list, I would inspect the entire fuel and exhaust systems, looking for failed clamps, leaks, and aging hoses. I would check all of the mounting hardware and control fasteners. Finally, I would check the engine alignment.

    These are items which should be checked on a very regular basis, but since most people do not properly maintain their boats, I would certainly give special attention to them prior to putting my family at risk.

    Good luck

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    Default "Be sure to have spare for EVE

    "Be sure to have spare for EVERY critical component on the engines: belts, impellers, hoses, fuel filters, etc.


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